3 Counties Church

50th Anniversary

“Through the good times and the bad,the Church family has always
loved, cared, nurtured & supported me.”

For over 50 years 3 Counties Church has been a significant part of the life of Haslemere, impacting and transforming hundreds of lives. Many people have gone on to become agents of change and hope, both here and throughout the world.  Some are leading churches, some faithfully carrying on their ordinary lives, whilst others are campaigning for the unemployed and victims of human trafficking. 

What perhaps is most surprising is its humble origins.
It started in a wooden hut and was led by a man who had never had theological training or been ordained.  He, along with a group of others, had a simple love for the Bible and Jesus. They believed that God loved the world so much that he gave His Son and they felt that everyone had a right to hear this good news. But perhaps this has been part of its genius. Jesus himself was born in a
stable, worked as a carpenter and washed his disciples’ feet.

As the church celebrates its 50th anniversary we are  grateful for so many stories of changed lives but also aware of all that is yet to be done. Listen to the 'Heart & Vision' talk from the 15th January 2017.